We knew there was a lot more to be done with smartphone cameras. So we created Pocket Lens.


Since our first iPhones at the time of the 3G versions, we've indulged in iPhoneography and other mobile photography. Because the best camera is the one in your pocket we figured it was time to take it to another level. But spending $100 to buy an Olloclip or a Moment Lens was on the steep side. Even though we love their products, but what if it just didn't add $100 worth of value to our pictures. What if it was just a gadget? 

That's when Pocket Lens was created. To find an affordable alternative to an Olloclip and Moment that still had a great quality, that was also run by great people but that was cheap. 

Something anyone could buy and use, that was strong enough to withstand being in one's pocket, inexpensive enough to not be considered an "investment", and good enough to improve picture quality. 

We believe Pocket Lens is all of that. 


Email, Instagram, Twitter or even a letter


On Instagram we're called @pocket_lens we share inspiring pictures we've taken with a Pocket Lens and we use the hashtag #pocketlens to make sure everyone knows how awesome our lens is. Follow us and tag your photos #pocketlens to join the fun.

Direct message us on Instagram if you need any help. 


On Twitter we're also at @pocket_lens, tweet with our name asking your question and we'll answer as fast as we can. Don't forget to tag your images with #pocketlens or our twitter handle if you want us to retweet them. 



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Need more help?

If it doesn't work, arrived broken or for some reason isn't what you thought you were buying just let us know. We hate when it happens to us, so we wanted to be as flexible as possible for you. Contact us and we'll let you know how to get it replaced or refunded. Life is too short for disapointments.

PS: We're also available on Google+ and Facebook but try the above first.